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Modular Homes
Modular Homes and Prefabricated Homes

Modular Homes by Modtech®

Modtech designs & builds a variety of modular homes and specializes in multifamily modular buildings such as apartments, condominiums, town homes and duplexes. Modern permanent modular homes are indistinguishable from site built projects and are now available in single and multistory configurations. Numerous custom features are now available from Modtech modular homes including GREEN sustainable options. Modular buildings are constructed to the same standards as site built homes and inspected numerous times throughout the construction process, ensuring a high quality finished home.

Modtech operates production facilities in various locations providing complete control of the modular building manufacturing process and ensuring high quality. A variety of prefabricated homes over a wide price range to fit different budgets and needs are available factory direct.

Modtech’s Off-Site Construction process provides numerous benefits to the modular home customer. The Off-Site construction process allows modular homes to be manufactured in a highly efficient manner using the latest technology. The process allows approximately 75%-95% of each modular home to be prefabricated in the factory while the site is being prepared, therefore saving time. In addition, weather delays and rework due to weather damage are also decreased. More work can be accomplished in the same amount of time due to the production efficiencies gained through factory infrastructure. Modtech production facilities are located near large sources of skilled labor, therefore the modular homes are not affected by labor shortages and remote locations. Overall, the Off-Site construction process can reduce construction time by as much as 60% which can relate to a large financial impact through incremental revenue and capitalization rates.

Other benefits of Off-Site construction include: reduced site traffic, noise, safety risk & community complaints as only limited personnel are needed on site. This reduction in site disruption also makes modular homes well suited for urban in-fill projects. Let Modtech show you how Off-Site Construction can fulfill the desires and needs of modular home customers.

Modular Homes Construction Timeline

Off-Site Construction Benefits

  • Manufacturing efficiencies
  • Concurrent site and building construction
  • Stable and abundant supply of skilled labor
  • Reduced weather delays and weather damage rework
  • Decreased site disruption, safety liability and construction traffic
  • Occupancy ready projects sooner to decrease costs and generate revenue sooner
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